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Cabinet Specifications

Stylecraft Interiors general specifications
standard line cabinets and countertops

  • Veneer core 3/4" plywood for all countertops that house a sink. AWI premium Grade (type 1-B-2) Section 200-2.
  • Plastic Laminate is 1/6" thick horizontal grade on all exterior surfaces exposed surfaces. Nema LD3-1980: LP-508: Fmvss No. 302: MIL-P-17171. Plastic Laminate manufactured by Formica Corp. or equal.
  • Cabinet interiors consist of white melamine on 3/4" flakeboard. Drawer sides are white vinyl clad miter fold on 1/2" flakeboard. Drawer bottoms are white melamine of 1/4" blakeboard and meets Nema LD1-1971: Nema LD1-2.01: Nema LD1-2.02: Nema LD1-2.03: Nema LD1-2.06 standards. Melamine component panels manufactured by Tafisa or equal.
  • Interior adjustable shelves are 3/4" thick white M.C.P. and edged with Canplast edging in a #9 finish and applied by an automatic edgebander at a temperature range between 390F and 395F.
  • Toekicks and Backsplashes are Plywood 3/4" veneer core, Luan or Birch. Meets P.S.51-71 or P.S. 1-66 standards.
  • Hinges are Grass #3903 165 degree opening snap-on style all metal self closing. Hinges to be secured to doors with screws which are screwed in inserted plastic dowels.
  • Blum slides "captive profile" self closing 3/4 extension #230M series.
    400mm white epoxy coated load rating to 75 pounds. Extension to 33mm.
  • Handles are Stylecraft CU-3.
General Fabrication:
  • Measurements must be obtained on job site and be verified before work can begin. All tops and fillers must be accurately fitted to other construction. Sanding and machining AWI standards. Premium Grade sections 300-2, 300-3 and 300-4.
  • All construction joints are doweled with 8mm diameter dowels, and drilled on 32mm centers. In addition to being glued, joints shall be stapled and screwed where possible. Butt joints that are not machined are not acceptable. 1/4" melamine drawer bottoms are glued into a 1/4" retaining groove.
  • Built up members are glued in addition to nailing.
  • Assembly at the factory is in as large units as possible. Ample allowance is made for cutting and fitting.
  • All cabinetry is to be manufactured accurately. Drawers and doors shall have no more than 1/8" spacing between them, except where reveals are indicated.
  • All counter tops are to be built up to a 1-1/2" thickness. Any field joint must be factory machined for the use of tight joint fasteners in addition to necessary spleens.
  • Edges are bonded with hot melt glue and applied by automatic edgebander at a temperature range between 390F and 395F.
  • Drawers are full box design with separate front and incorporate 8mm dowel construction.
  • Cabinet joints incorporate 8mm dowels. Cases are to be glued and held in square under pressure in a suitable case clamp until glue is set.
  • All toe kicks have black satin high pressure plastic laminate and are made to continuous length. 3/4" plywood to kicks are to be removable to allow access to adjustable leveling legs. All leveling legs have minimum adjustability of 1/2".
  • Cabinet sides shall have 5mm diameter holes drilled at intervals of 32mm. to accommodate hinges and drawer slides.
  • All countertops with sinks and all backsplashes will consist of 3/4" thick veneer core plywood. AWI premium grade (Type 1 - B - 2), section 200-2.
Cabinet and Countertops Specifications