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Cabinet Specifications
Dental Cabinets Standard assembled stock cabinets

Standard assembled stock cabinets

Custom arrange these modular dental cabinets to fit your needs.
Or send us your room dimension and we will lay it out for you .

General Specifications
  • Cabinet interiors and shelving are ¾" thick white melamine.
  • Cabinet exterior fronts and end panels are ¾" thick melamine with 1/16" full thickness mica glued on the panel.
  • Exterior colors can be any Formica or Wilsonart color of your choice.
  • Drawer and door edges can be completely wrapped with white 3 mm contoured PVC or 0.5 mm PVC. The edging choice will effect the price.
  • All drawers are of a vinyl clad drawer system.
  • European door hinges are of the finest quality. They open 165 degrees.
  • Cabinet sizes are made to fit under a 18" deep by 36 ¼" high counter top.
  • Counter tops can be made up to order
  • Cabinets widths are 15 ¾", 19 ¾ or 23 ¾". Alternate widths, heights or depths can be made up to order.
  • All cabinet tops are unfinished. You must order a counter top to cover the cabinet top.
  • All cabinet sides are unfinished. You must order an End Panel if you see the side.
  • All cabinets are joined together with black reveal in between them.
Cabinet and Countertops Specifications